A Natural, Artistic Approach to Cosmetic Improvement

Elizabeth Veloz Micropigmentation Artist and Professional Artist

My Philosophy

My approach to Permanent Makeup is to enhance your natural beauty. I prefer natural colors over short-lived trend colors such as purple or blue. I employ a unique artistic technique drawn from my professional experience in oil painting and other artistic media, different from any technique I have encountered. To view some of my artwork please visit: Elizabeth Veloz Contemporary Landscape and Floral Paintings

The Natural Difference

My experience as an accomplished artist inspired me to create this approach. In painting we apply the backgrounds first. We do this by painting in shadows and base colors upon which to build the final image. In eyebrows I use the same technique. During your first appointment the primary objective is to fill in the areas which are light or missing. This is where most Micropigmentation Artists end. During your second visit approximately 3-4 weeks later I focus on the details. That finishing touch is what makes your makeup appear natural. In eyebrows I add hair strokes. In eyeliner it may be a tiny bit of shading. In lash enhancements I insert pigment dots between the lashes to make them look fuller and in lips I use highlights and lowlights for a natural look. The result is amazing. Your friends will say you look great, but will not be able to figure out exactly why you look so much better. The objective is to look subtly beautiful, to present a naturally enhanced version of yourself.